On November 26, 2020, we celebrated the launch of the book 'Forces of Art: Perspectives from a Changing World' through an online discussion about the transformative power of art in a rapidly changing world.

Moderated by Aldith Hunkar, the event included a keynote by artist Heba Amin; the performance ‘The Accelerator of the Imagination’ by artist Pierre-Christophe Gam; a panel discussion among some of the authors of the book; and an exchange with the editorial team members Jordi Baltà Portolés, Nora N. Khan, and Serubiri Moses, led by Carin Kuoni, the book’s editor-in-chief.

Would you like to know more about the book, and to start an exploration of new ways of thinking about the values that art and culture have for our society? You can watch the recording of the event here.

Copyright visual note: Menah