Forces of Art: Perspectives from a Changing World

This thought provoking and wide ranging book is bound to challenge assumptions and stimulate new ideas about how crucial art and culture are. Fifteen independent teams of researchers set out to examine how art and culture exert their power to affect and transform their societies. The book includes chapters for each of their studies plus introductory essays to each section by renowned curators, artists, and thinkers: Carin Kuoni (editor-in-chief), Jordi Baltà Portolés, Nora N. Khan, and Serubiri Moses.

Through the lens of various methodologies, the studies reveal the importance of independent, collective initiatives, of reaching diverse publics, and of creating spaces in which to experiment, discover, share ideas, speak openly and imagine other realities.

At a time when culture is everywhere increasingly under pressure, Forces of Art is an essential reference for a global discussion about the value and transformative power of art and culture today.


You can buy the book at the website of the publisher, Valiz.